About the Blog

This blog is my thorough sociological analysis on Pakistan’s social and political affairs. Although you will find my perspective on other foreign affairs too, I placed very high emphasis on Pakistan. My methodology of approaching and putting forth a viewpoint on several socio-political issues steps away from the political noise and rhetoric that one continuously hears on Pakistani media outlets and the international media outlets. I speak from the voice of  Pakistani citizens, so we as a larger public discuss issues in a realistic sense.

I find it a high need to step away from the political noise that many anchors and political figures raise in the talk shows and news channels since the true issues affecting an ordinary Pakistani is never addressed. The ordinary Pakistani citizen is always neglected while the political figures and anchors bank on the issues that never address the problems haunting Pakistan. Similarly, I raise a voice as a global citizen that calls for a change in the social and political condition of an ordinary human being wishing peace, security and socio-economic well-being.

My approach is purely sociological. It speaks to the ordinary young Pakistanis who possess the ability to change things and those who can step out of the box to unite on issues. True change is in true feelings discussed on a humanistic level and intelligently approached. If you are one of those individuals who have strong political allegiance to a party and cannot see beyond the mantra of what you are taught, then this page is not for you nor you are the one who I address.

Finally, I welcome productive views that align with the blog mission. I do not welcome the political marketing of any Pakistani political party or any group in Pakistan or abroad. I desire unity in issues where all of us can come to resolve issues affecting our well-being in Pakistan and in the global village.