About the Author

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I am Ahsan Qazi, the founder of One Voice-Pakistan and World Affairs in Sociological Perspective. I was born in Pakistan but raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the high school years, I took a very high interest in socio-political movements in Pakistan and the Middle East. What social and political factors contribute to the progress or collapse of nation-states as we have witnessed in the Middle East and as we look at the struggle of Pakistan? These broad topics are a means of discovery, the knowledge source that holds true to the fact that knowledge indeed is power.

I graduated from California State University, East Bay with a BA in English Literature and Sociology. Over the years, I gained extensive experience in teaching, policy analysis, and technical communication. I have been an active contributor to Pakistan Times USA, The Jago Times and published in Eurasia Review as well.

Writing about social and political movements continues to broaden my views.  My aim in presenting ideas on several topics is to appeal to ordinary citizens irrespective of political allegiance to any parties so, the issues that affect ordinary citizens are addressed. As a civil society, the majority desires peace, security, social and economic opportunities. I believe we can achieve such goals by first bringing the issues to light and finding solutions together with one sound view, which is why I bring you One Voice-Pakistan and World Affairs in Sociological Perspective.

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